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The Force Awakens X-Wing Helmet Assembly Guide

The Force Awakens X-Wing Pilot Helmet Kit Assembly Tutorial

Helmet kit as you will receive it :

Main helmet, blast shield, Vacuum formed visor, rear data port, rear antennae and mounting wire, right cheek detail, Mic assembly, blast shield detail knob, visor mounting screws, and blast shield mounting bolts


Recommended tools for assembly:

Rotary tool, cutting wheel, sanding drum, 60 thru 400 grit sand paper, drill, 1/8” drill bit, 1/4” drill bit, small pliers/wrench, screw driver, super glue.



Visor Trimming:

The visor will need to be trimmed with about a 1/4” lip around and trimmed flat where it meets the helmet to be mounted with the included screws. The top will need about and 1/8” lip as this will allow it to move up and down.


Blast shield trimming:

Trim the flashing off to meet the edge and use the 1/4” drill bit to drill out the marked mounting holes. In the picture shown I marked the edge with a pencil to better show the edge you will need to trim to. At this point you can also attach the knob to the blast shield as shown.

Main helmet trimming:

Trim off all flashing to meet the edge. For those with larger sized heads you can trim more off the bottom/neck edge to accommodate a better fit . Below I have marked in pencil where you should trim to. Use the 1/4” drill bit to drill out the marked mounting holes for the blast shield bolts.

Microphone trimming and mounting:

For the microphone assembly its best to start with trimming the edges and sand the back of the mic piece flat. Once everything is trimmed, use an 1/8th inch bit to drill the mounting holes for the arm and small rubber tubing in the mic and drill the mounting holes in the arm clamp as seen below.

For mounting to the helmet you can either glue it on or use a small screw to mount it to the helmet.

Data port, antennae, and right cheek greeblie


The rear antennae is mounted with the provided rubber tubing. Use the 1/8 inch bit to drill a pilot hole in the top and bottom and glue half the tubing on top and bottom. From there drill an 1/8 inch hole to the mounting knob in back and glue the tubing to it and the bottom to the inside of the helmet. The Data port is just sanded smooth on the bottom and then glued in the provided spot. The right cheek greeb is sanded smooth on the bottom and glued to the side just below the rebel “onion” symbol. The Left cheek greeb is attached as seen in the image below