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  • Strapping a Mask Using CosBond from ZakLabs

    CosBond is Offering Some New Solutions
    Every costume that is made has always brought about new challenges on how to attach items to each other! Especially with strapping for masks, gauntlets, and/or floating armor pieces that have no visible connection points to a suit.

    We visited Zak Labs at Emerald City Comicon and were introduced to a […]

  • The Force Awakens X-Wing Helmet Assembly Guide

    The Force Awakens X-Wing Pilot Helmet Kit Assembly Tutorial
    Helmet kit as you will receive it :
    Main helmet, blast shield, Vacuum formed visor, rear data port, rear antennae and mounting wire, right cheek detail, Mic assembly, blast shield detail knob, visor mounting screws, and blast shield mounting bolts

    Recommended tools for assembly:
    Rotary tool, cutting wheel, sanding […]

  • Making a Mold, Part 2 : The Mother Mold

    [box type=”info”] Last week, we covered “Making a Mold, Part One: Making a Silicone Jacket”. Check it out before you read Part 2 down below![/box]

    Now, I’ll show you how I did the “mother mold” using Smooth-On’s Free Form® AIR Lightweight Epoxy Putty. Free Form Air is a two-part epoxy putty that sets overnight into a sandable, carveable, […]

  • Making a Mold, Part 1: The Silicone Jacket

    Thank you to Lissa Carol for taking pictures for this guide.
    Building props and costumes are awesome for making one-off items, but what do you do when you have a piece that you need to replicate multiple times?

    How do you go about that, and where do you go?

    Well, I am here to help you go about that: by […]