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NCR Helmet Assembly Guide

Helmet Assembly

Hi and Welcome to the assembly guide for my NCR Ranger Helmet version 2  kit. 

Helmet kit can be purchased here 


Each helmet kit will come with the following:

Helmet cast
Spot light cast
main light lens cast
Filter casts
Chrome mirror red lens and mounting bolt
Real gas mask hose
Two Hose attachments

This guide will take you step by step on how to assemble the complete kit.

Tools Recommended:

Fiber cutting wheel for the dremel

Dremel tool. I use the Multi-Pro but any rotary tool will do

I use a 3/8″ samding drum at 60 and 150 grit

Xacto knife-for trimming and cutting where needed

Dremel Flex Shaft.I use one for better control and getting into tight spaces

Helmet lens and ear cap vent cut out: 

For this you will need and 1/8″ drill bit and a Power drill. I have colored in the area that will be cut as a guide on here.

penciled in area is to be cut out

Drill multiple holes outlining the area to be cut, making sure to not to drill into the inner frame, after you have done this you will notice a mark that is in between the lenses. This is the mounting hole to bolt the visor into place. Drill where marked on the helmet as indicated by the arrow. 

I used a drywall cutting bit to cut out the rest of the lens while following the holes that were previously drilled.

Here I used a 1/2 inch 60 grit drum bit to even it out. I also go back with a file to sharpen the edges and level them out.








Use the same process to cut out the vents on the ear cap.


Lens fitting and install-

The red lens comes pre-cut with the mounting hardware for ease of assembly

Use the pre-drilled hole in the helmet to insert the screw and use the nut and washer to tighten on the inside.


From here, high temp hot glue can be used to secure the sides of the lens to the helmet for a tighter fit, the lens can also be trimmed if needed with a razor knife.

Neck Ring

The neck ring can be left as is or trimmed out to allow for a bigger opening if needed. I used the same 1/2 inch sanding drum on my dremel to trim it.


Filter Canister

The Filter canister will come in three pieces: Main body ring, top  detail and bottom plate. Some sanding and trimming of flashing will be needed. All pieces get glued together and the bottom will need a small screw to mount it to the helmet.  An optional screen material is included to back the top plate as shown. 


Mount the canister with a screw fed from inside the helmet.

Gas mask hose:

The gas mask hose comes with two connectors to mount to the front and the back of the helmet if you so choose. The hose gets clipped just above the first hose ring and the connector screwed on. The connectors will hold through pressure and does not need to be glued.


Last two pieces are the main lens of the combox and the pin light box . Both pieces get glued on to the front and side as shown.

From this point you will just need to paint and pad the helmet.

If you have any questions on sizing, trimming, or assembly please feel free to contact us.