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Fallout: New Vegas NCR Cosplay Helmet Assembly Guide

These will be the steps taken to assemble a cleaned up NCR helmet kit from our Etsy shop.

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What your kit contains.

In the following images you will see the items that come in the Trimmed and Raw kits:

  • One helmet (trimmed or raw cast, prices will vary on kit)
  • Red or Green lenses, customers choice.
  • Real gas mask hose with front pipe fitting (already attached), rear fitting, and mounting hardware
  • Gas mask canister with hardware com box/light box with two “L” brackets and hardware for attachment
  • One spotlight with LED housing

Beginning Assembly

For this tutorial, we’ll be concentrating on assembling the trimmed kit available for purchase. The same assembly pertains to the non-trimmed kit as well.

The trimmed kit will have the lens area cut out, neck ring trimmed, com box trimmed, and com/light box trimmed and dry fitted. It’s best to dry fit everything before painting and final assembly to make sure everything lines up properly.

After you have painted the helmet itself, the best piece to start with is the com/light box.

Assembling Com/Light Box

There are two ways to attach the com/light box: you can either glue it on or bolt it on with the included hardware (two L brackets and screw/nuts). There are screw holes just marked and not drilled, so you can do either.

The com/light box will fit on the right side on the side platform. I have marked on the helmet and the com box with silver dots showing where to drill for the screw holes to bolt on the box. I personally prefer this method, so I can add electronics or other hardware down the road.

I recommend attaching the brackets to the com/light box first, then the helmet.

Attaching Spotlight

At this point, you can attach the spot light to the helmet with regular super glue. You can align just above the light box as seen in the image below.

Attaching Lenses

Attaching the lenses can be done with regular hot glue. You will receive them wrapped and marked for right and left.

When mounting, make sure that the chrome red is facing out and use hot glue to attch them to the helmet as seen in the following pics.

Attaching Filter Canister and Hose

Attaching the filter canister and front hose attachment use the same method with a simple screw and washer that are included. The canister and hose bracket have been pre-drilled and test fitted before shipment. Use a normal Phillips head screw driver to screw in the pieces.

To attach the hose to the rear of the helmet, use the included hardware that is already attached to the hose and bolt into the pre-drilled hole on the rear of the helmet as seen below.

Final Piece

The last piece to be installed is the side filter material. I have included enough material to double up for the best look and you can either hot glue or super glue this is in. I chose super glue for this build.

With that, you have everything together and it’s time to hit the wasteland!

If you there are any questions that you might have on any assembly please feel free to email me or contact me on Facebook.