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Allen Amis is a costume and prop builder working out of Chandler, Arizona. He got his start when Star Wars costuming ignited his passion for building and weathering sci-fi armor. He’s since won awards and accolades for his ability to bring artistic concepts and renderings to life as wearable costumes and displayable props.

His most famous costume, Samurai Boba Fett, is a show-stopper that even took a prize at Star Wars Celebration, the largest Star Wars convention in the US, and was featured in IO9, Geek Tyrant, UAT’s Bohemian Rhapsody Star Wars music video, and more.

He currently makes props for fan films, collectors, convention displays and cosplayers.  His recent projects include his unforgettable Dragon Age prop work in collaboration with Red Nebula Studios and Dragon Age weapon/shield collaboration with Dolf Works, a Walking Dead-inspired Mandalorian armor set for the Artmor Charity Auction, and a lion helm for Opera Theatre of Montclair’s production of NABUCCO.

He’s always eager to help fans get their start on bringing their favorite costumes to life, and does several panels and talks throughout the year on the building process. You can catch Allen displaying and even wearing some of his creations at local Comic Book Conventions, Art Walks, and Charity functions throughout the year.

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Men vs Cosplay Calendar– (Mr July 2014)

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Cursed Edge (2015) – Prop work for AZ Judges
Change of Hart (2015) – Prop work for UAT
NABUCCO (2014) – Prop work for Opera Theatre of Montclair
Samurai Boba Fett of Bohemian Rhapsody Star Wars video

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  • Sintra (PVC Plastics)
  • Leather
  • EVA Foam (L200)
  • Vacuum Formed ABS
  • Resin Casting
  • Silicone Molding
  • Laser Cutting
  • Acrylic
  • Scratch Building
  • Pepakura

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2015 Events

Tucson Comic-Con, Tucson AZ (November) • San Diego Comic-Con International, San Diego CA • Phoenix Comicon, AZ (May) • Amazing Arizona Comic-Con, Phoenix AZ (January)

2014 Events

Tucson Comic-Con, Tucson AZ (November) • Comic Media Expo, Mesa AZ (October) • PAX South, San Antonio TX • San Diego Comic-Con International, San Diego CA • Phoenix Comic-Con, Phoenix AZ • Emerald City Comic Con, Seattle WA (March) • South West Maker Fest, Mesa AZ (March 2014) • Cosplay Promenade, Mesa AZ (March 2014) • Amazing Arizona Comic-Con, Phoenix, AZ (January 2014) • Taiyou Con, Mesa, AZ (January 2014)


Star Trek Las Vegas Convention, Las Vegas, NV (November 2013) • Tucson Comic-Con, Tucson, AZ ( November 2013) Star Wars Reads Day, Bookmans Mesa (October 2013) • San Diego Comic-Con, San Diego, CA ( July 2013) • Albuquerque Comic Expo, Albuquerque, NM (June 2013) Phoenix Comic Con (May 2013) • Emerald City Comic Con (March 2013) • Amazing Arizona Comic-con (January 2013)


Fiesta Bowl (December 2012) • Tucson Parade of Lights (December 2012) • Toy Anxiety Toy Drive (December 2012) Rapture Horror Expo (October 2012) • Saboten Con (September 2012) • Star Wars Celebration VI (August2012) Albuquerque Comic Expo (June 2012) • Phoenix Comicon (May 2012)


Fiesta Bowl (December 2011) Devastation (December 2011) • Tucson Comic-Con (November 2011) • ADA Step-Out Walk (October 2010) • Evermore Nevermore Sci-Fi & Fantasy Fashion Show /Encredicon (September 2011) Phoenix Children’s Hospital Star Wars Visit (August 2011) Albuquerque Comic Expo (June 2011) Phoenix Comicon (May 2011) • Star Wars and Sci-Fi Art Show 2nd Friday, Mesa AZ (April 2011) • 2010 Tucson Parade of Lights (December 2010) • Tucson Comic-Con, Tucson AZ (November) • Downtown Phoenix Zombie Walk (October) • Lego Store Star Wars Event (October) • ADA Step-Out Walk, Mesa AZ (September) • Phoenix Comic-Con, Phoenix AZ (May)


Panelist – “Cosplay Like a Pro: Less Stress, More Fun,” “Making Video Game Cosplay Armor,” & “Cosplay Building Safety: 101″ for Phoenix Comicon 2015 • Costume Contest Judge – Tucson Comic-Con 2014 • Costume Contest Judge – Tucson Comic-Con 2013 • Panelist – “From Concept to Reality: Making Video Game Cosplay” (Emerald City Comic-Con) • Panelist – “From Concept to Reality: Making Video Game Cosplay” (Amazing Arizona Comic-Con 2013)


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