Bringing pop culture props to life is our passion

We Love to Geek Out

The studio was founded in 2010, when Star Wars costuming ignited Allen’s passion for building and weathering screen-accurate costumes. He’s since won awards and accolades for his ability to bring artistic concepts and renderings to life as wearable costumes and displayable props. Transforming from a fan into a full-time creative building fantasy, sci-fi and video game props and costumes has been a dream come true.

Since the beginning, Anabel has been involved as a creative eye and project manager. Growing up with morbid fairy tales, anime, and video games inspired her to pursue digital art while working to coordinate and market the creative professionals she’s met alongside her journey with AAC.

Our strongest passion is helping fans and clients fulfill their needs for high-quality prop work. AAC is also available for consultations.