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Super great quality, and easy to put together! I got mine without the finish, but I painted it black. Love the details on it that make it look battle worn.

Amber Bainter

Client, via Etsy

Very well made, good support from the creator, would highly recommend any of his products.


Client, via Etsy

The Force Awakens X-Wing Helmet Assembly Guide

The Force Awakens X-Wing Pilot Helmet Kit Assembly Tutorial Helmet kit as you will receive it : Main helmet, blast shield, Vacuum formed visor, rear data port, rear antennae and mounting wire, right cheek detail, Mic assembly, blast shield detail knob, visor mounting screws, and blast shield mounting bolts Helmet Kit All Attachments   Recommended tools for assembly: Rotary tool, cutting wheel, sanding drum, 60 thru 400 grit sand paper, drill, 1/8” drill bit, 1/4” drill bit, small pliers/wrench, screw driver, super glue. Dremel tool. I use the Multi-Pro but any rotary tool will do Fiber cutting wheel for the dremel I use a 3/8″ samding drum at 60 and 150 grit Xacto knife-for trimming and cutting where needed     Visor Trimming: The visor will need to be trimmed with about a 1/4” lip around and trimmed flat where it meets the helmet to be mounted with the included screws. The top will need about and 1/8” lip as this will allow it to move up and down. Trimmed and untrimmed visor trimmed visor   Blast shield trimming: Trim the flashing off to meet the edge and use the 1/4” drill bit to drill out the marked mounting holes. In the picture shown I marked the edge with a pencil to better show the edge you will need to trim to. At this point you can also attach the knob to the blast shield as shown. Trim to edge blast shield knob mounting hole drilled Knob in place Main helmet trimming: Trim off all flashing to meet the edge. For those with larger sized heads you can trim...